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The Current Plights of a Restless Writer

I hate moving.

I posted this on Facebook quite a bit the last two weeks. Of course, we did have a choice in the matter…somewhat. We didn’t have to move. We had a perfectly decent place to live that kept a roof over our head.

With money the way it is, when we found the opportunity to live somewhere that was $200 less each month, there really was no choice in the matter anymore. Besides, I was sick of waking up to the stink of pot in the hallway. It always made me stick to my stomach. Or hungry…I’m not quite sure.

There really isn’t much point to this blog. I pondered many different subjects to write about just to get myself writing. With my anxiety the way that it is, writing seemed like a decent way to distract myself and forget my woes. This little writer may need to drag her butt to a doctor and get some pills. Yes, drastic measures, but this anxiety is starting to interfere with my daily activities. No amount of yoga can completely control it.

I need some help. I’m willing to admit it.

Imagine never being able to relax: As soon as you get home from work, you instantly begin to worry. You want to sit down and enjoy yourself, but something nags at you. Something tells you that you need to be doing something else. And when you cannot think of it, you get that panicky feeling that something horrible will happen. You need to do something right now, you cannot remember what it is, and something horrible will happen because you forgot.

Man. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t so messed up.



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Details About my Job: Adventures in Marketing

I finished my first week at my new job! Met with all my co-workers, signed the appropriate paperwork, learned how to use the computers, and I even got my own cubicle!! I may be too excited about that little detail.

Here’s my job in a nutshell: The company I work for, One 2 One Marketing, sells promotional items/awards/incentives/etc for companies. My position at this company is sales/account management. My job is to maintain relationships with existing clients and establish relationships with prospective clients. I walk them through the ordering process, submit ideas and solutions for their needs such as upcoming expos, incentives for their employees, etc.

It’s actually an excellent way for me to be creative. For example, one of my co-workers was looking for ideas for (I believe) a real estate company. They wanted incentives to give people who were coming in to close deals and whatnot. The co-worker researched products and put together a proposal that included things like pizza cutters, white boards, etc.

It’s really hard to give full detail, as I’m just getting my feet wet. But trust me, I will share my excitement with all of you as I continue!!

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Have an (early) Merry Christmas!

It’s been quite the year for me!! Sorry for the lack of posts near the end of it. I’m going to give you a life update. I promise there will be more meaningful posts to come as my life becomes fuller:). I love life!

One of the highlights was my very first trip to DISNEY WORLD!! The mister surprised me in October with this trip to Florida in DECEMBER! Oh man, that seemed like forever away. And now, it’s a memory. One of the best memories I have! We only had one to day to visit the parks, which clearly was not enough time! We hit the majorly important items like the Flying Dumbo Ride, Spaceship Earth, Cinderella’s Castle, Tower of Terror, and pretty much all the major attractions you saw on TV shows on TGIF.

It’s hard for upcoming events to compete with that in the shadows, but we are sure trying! Each day, though difficult and financially stressful at times, is still a blessing because of who I share it with.

I’m heading home on Christmas Eve! It’ll be my first time back in good Ol’ Grove City since I moved away in September. It’ll be…. I don’t want to rely on the word ‘interesting’ to complete that sentence since it has sarcastic implications. It will be refreshing to come back as someone completely new. I haven’t been able to do that since freshman year of college.I love change!

I don’t want to look too far ahead into 2012 since there’s still some time left for me to finish 2011 with a big bang! Perhaps in another post another day.

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A full-hearted blog update!

Hellooooooooooooooooooo everyone!! I am sitting here with time to kill and therefore a blog update is in order!

Last I spoke, I was working as a content editor. This is still true. However, there have been multiple other changes in my life that are forcing me to look into other career paths.  Here’s the quickest summary I can provide without diving into great detail:

  • I have a shot at a job in an airport terminal coffee shop/gift shop/cafe.
  • My four year long distance relationship ended. Huge bummer.
  • An old college friend is helping me get back on my feet by providing me with accommodations and a recommendation for the job listed in the first point.
  • My novel has blossomed into a full-blown project in which I commit large amounts of my time to completing it.
My creativity is starting to rule my life rather than money. I am working towards being in a comfortable job with reasonable pay that covers the bills so I can focus on my true talents. It’ll be hard, but I know I can do it.
The college friend mentioned in the third point has given me a book to assist me in this process.  It’s called 48 Days To The Work You Love or something like that (the book is in my purse and not by my side at the moment.) I’ll probably do a review of it once I finish reading it.
I’ll start pumping out blogs again, but be warned: I’m in the middle of moving and job interviews so I will start to get swamped again. I just wanted to post this as a reminder to everyone that I have a pulse and I am finally following my dreams. Forward, ho!

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Who you gonna call?

I have a crush on Dan Akroyd.

I love Ghostbusters.  I feel the public needs to know this.

So I will hear about the possible promotion in about two weeks.  I’m still having serious doubts on how I filled out that writing test, so I’m not sure how that will turn out.  It had said to narrow down the copy into 500 characters, which I stupidly took to mean ‘words’.  Yeah…I might be screwed.  *Sigh*  I was talking with the other co-worker who was interviewed for the position, and he was making me feel better about the situation.

“They know this is your first time around,” he said.  “You have never done content work before, so they’ll take that into account.”

It was just cool to get encouragement from a competing co-worker.  The folks I work with really aren’t that bad 🙂

Oh yeah, I have another interview coming up!  It’s for Ecumen.  They’re opening up a new facility in Apple Valley, MN.  They were the folks I did the phone interview with during my last post.  This could be good!  Good things are a-coming.

I’m getting my creative soup cooking lately.  Earlier today, I made a bowl out of an old record.  And on Tuesday, I’m painting murals on my sister’s walls!  Just thinking about it gives me warm fuzzies.  Maybe, one day soon, I can make a living by being crafty and creative.

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The Update.

I didn’t get the newspaper job.  I move on with my McLife.

I have also given a new theme song to my job hunt:

I've decided to revamp my website.  Things are getting a little stale in my life.  Instead of complaining about how I can't make a sandwich, I'm throwing the stale bits to the birds and getting some new bread.  Yes, my life was just compared to bread.  And you know what?  I LOVED making that comparison!  MAN I miss being creative!  I've been neglecting my writing for so long that I started to lose track of who I am.  Well, no more!  I'm snapping myself back into the swing of things. 

#1: Redo this website a bit. 
#2: Start working on my novel again. 
#3: GET ME A JOB (outside of McDs)!!!

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