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My Brief Moment Of Panic Today

Tonight was a calm night for us. I was laying on the couch watching TV while my fiance went down the hall to switch out the laundry. I was crocheting and just drifting off into my own world. I was quickly interrupted….AAaaaAAAaaAAaaAAaaAAaaAAaaAAaaAA!!
The damn fire alarm was going off again. Great, some butt hole pulled the fire alarm or something. I walked to the door to grab my shoes and what’s when I smelledi t.


I popped the door open and saw smoke in the hallway.The doors had slammed shut so I couldn’t see down the hallway. My heart started to race at that moment. I smelled the smoke, and I didn’t know where my fiance was. i didn’t know where the smoke was coming from. Oh, my God!

I did what we had done with other ‘false alarms’: I grabbed my sweatshirt, grabbed my shoes, and grabbed our emergency duffle bag.

I still didn’t know where he was, and smoke was billowing into the hallway from the apartment across from us.

Oh, my God!

In less than 30 seconds, after laying peacefully on the couch not expecting my life to change one bit, I had adrenaline pumping into all of my veins. Never mind all the stuff we had in our apartment, although I was scared of it all burning up. The only thing I focused on was on my fiance.

I started grabbing his coat and shoes, hoping I would run into him outside.

And that’s when he ran through the door.

I wanted to stop and hug him, but I focused on getting us out of there.

“The neighbors burnt their food again,” he told me.

This is a normal thing, but the panic didn’t go away. He seized the four important items in the apartment (3 old childhood stuffed animals and my baby blanket), I threw the emergency duffle bag over my shoulder and we took off.

We choked on the smoke of burnt Asian food the whole way down. As soon as we got through the door, all I wanted to do was cry and hug him. There were small children out on the sidewalk, so I didn’t want to cry in front of them and make them worry.

I am feeling so much right now. I am pissed at our damn neighbors for being so neglegant. I’m upset that the firemen checked out their apartment and stated there was ‘no immediate risk’, and I’m still feeling the panic as i am still working the adrenaline out of my system.

We’re back to ‘calm’ in the apartment. We only have one dim light on, and the news is drowning on in the background. I am very thankful that our situation was nothing more than a false alarm, but I cannot imagine the emotions for anyone who runs out of the apartment and it’s not a false alarm…


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End of Week 1::Operation Fat Jeans!

It has been one week since James and I quit drinking pop and eating fast food!

Physical Changes:

  • Happier digestive tracts
  • Sleeping through the night
  • I don’t feel as ‘puffy’
  • Have more energy for daily walks, etc
  • My teeth aren’t as sensitive anymore
  • Increased drowsiness in the afternoon

General Observations:

  • Washing more dishes
  • Fast food and pop seem less appealing
  • Our self-control is improving greatly (Ex: ‘Let’s go home and eat lunch instead of stopping somewhere at the mall.’)
  • Planning meals (even just writing them on paper) helps keep us on track. That way, we don’t come home from a busy evening and say, ‘Oh crap, what are we going to have for dinner??’

Goals for next week:

  • Develop a practical exercise plan
  • Stick to the meals planned for the next 7 days
  • Eat more protein for energy in the afternoon

Future goals:

  • Plan a ‘gluten-free week’
  • Plan a ‘vegan week’
  • Decide on our personal rewards for the end of the 90 day makeover
  • Figure out how to ‘eat smarter’ in Disney World in January.

To The Others! (There are others who have decided to do the same as us. This section will always be for them)

Congratulations! You’ve made it one week!! I’ve seen you guys comment on my status about your personal victories. Specifically, a young lady had mentioned how she tried a sip of pop and found it too sugary.

The biggest challenge over the next 90 days is to change the way we’ve been thinking all our lives. Depending on your lifestyle, you’ve probably sunk into a thought process that taught you fast food was convenient and delicious, pop is always a refreshing beverage, health food is so expensive, so and and so on.

I’ll get into these subjects a little bit more later on in the 90 days, but today I wanted to focus on our thought process and how we feel about food. Listed below is a link to a TLC episode of My 600 Pound Life. The lady in this episode had mentioned how she stepped on the scale, she would look at the weight and think to herself  ‘that’s not too big.’

This scares me so much because I had that thought not too long ago. The doctor had weighed me, and the scale said I was 200 lbs. All I thought was ‘That’s not so bad.’ Well, how many more times am I going to say this in my life as I continue to get bigger and bigger?

To the people following along side me in pursuit of healthier choices, I am very proud of you! Stick with it, and you’ll succeed! And I’ll be here for encouragement and support.

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It Begins Tomorrow:: We Will Not Be Fat Or Broke



I have had enough of being fat! All my fat jeans are cutting into my gut. I don’t look good in a swimsuit. My teeth are starting to turn a faint shade of brown/yellow. I’m always tired. I have no muscle tone.

It’s time for a HUGE lifestyle change! A drastic one, actually.

Starting on Monday, James and I begin our 90 day makeover. For the next 90 days, we will drink NO POP, and we will eat NO FAST FOOD! We are on a quest to replace our current diet with a better selection of foods. We will also change how we think about food. So far, I look at fast food with disgust. The past few times we have eaten out at a fast food joint, I was never satisfied and always got an upset tummy. Such a waste of money.

I’ll continue with blog posts throughout the next 90 days, updating my readers on the changes we have made in our lives.

I know of at least two other people who are on board with this lifestyle change. To anyone wishing to do the same, go for it! You’ll have my full support 🙂


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Book Review & Caribou

 Just chillin’ here at the Caribou in Willmar, MN.  I haven’t been in here for ages.  Mostly because I can’t afford it.  Today, I had an uncomfortable check-up at the doctor, and decided I’d treat myself.  Yummy decision!

On to the main purpose of this blog


I bought this book with a Barnes and Noble Gift Card.  I wasn’t really looking for it.  There were a couple of ‘Bargain Bin’ links, and they brought me to this little gem.  Now I was a waitress way back in the day, but only for 8 months or so.  Still, I thought I could really get into this book, so I bought it.

First thing I fell in love with: this book is Non-Fiction! YES!  I’m addicted to that stuff.  And coffee. *sips large coffee and continues*  This waiter by the name of Steve originally started his creations in a blog called Waiter Rant.  Eventually it gets picked up by a literary agent, but I’ll get to that.

This starts off with him working right away as a waiter, even though his life story begins elsewhere.  I won’t get into incredible detail, but I’ll give the jist: he graduates high school, goes on to seminary but flunks out, works in the medical field but was laid off, and then started working as a waiter.  The first restaurant mentioned was a nasty little place that tried to come off as high-class, complete with snooty customers and expensive bottles of wine that disappear when they slip onto the floor.  To be honest, I waitressed at a small town restaurant/B&B.  I rarely ran into these occasions.  FInally, I quit looking for ways to relate and enjoyed the story.

Eventually, he moves on from that place and ends up at The Bistro.  This place seemed slighty better than his previous arrangement.  The owner was an ‘asshole’ (a commonly used adjective in this book regarding people) but the conditions were better.  As in, the health inspector could actually give his stamp of approval on this place.

There are some points in the book where it will give you the willies.  Occasionally, he would mention situations where he worked at a place with unclean mouse traps and sticky fly traps hovering over where food is being prepared.  At this point, you almost wish this book wasn’t Non-Fiction.

As I neared the end of this book, I found myself finding more similarities regarding this waiters interactions with his customers and my interactions with customers at the call center.  First of all, the sales &  food services industries are very similar (as he explains at one point).   Much like he ran into people looking for special treatment because they are stuffy regulars, I often took phone calls from pompous musicians who felt they deserved the highest discount I could give them (even if they only spent $50 on cables in the past).

Another great feature is that this is written from the point of view of a writer… Maybe I can try to explain this better:

This man struggled for so long on what he wanted to be when he grew up.  I feel like any tale involving writers, Fiction or Non-Fiction, revolves around these theme.  It reminds me of the movie Stand By Me.  Gordie, the main character, was badgered a little bit because he didn’t have the same skills and talents as others.  However, he could write.  He never considered it for a career until Chris Chambers told him he had a flair.  The same thing happened to this waiter.  A fellow co-worker read his blog and told him he had a great talent.  I really hope he still treasures that moment.  For me, it was my 10th grade English teacher.  She was brand new to teaching, and had all these odd teaching methods to experiment with on us.  Eventually she noticed my creative story telling, and pestered me a bit to be in the creative writing class.  She even told me something like ‘you will disgrace the world if you do not write.’  And I thank her for it.

Overall, I recommend this book to anyone still discovering themselves, working in the sales/food industry, or both.  It seemed like this book was pretty popular when it first came out, but I had never heard of it honestly.  I’m not sure how many people read this blog, but I hope I have persuaded you to check it out.

And now, I will finish my large mocha. *twitch*

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