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Stupid Anesthesia::Why am I so Afraid?

Tomorrow is the big day for me. After many years of pain, all four of my wisdom teeth will be surgically removed!

Of course, being a girl who worries about everything, this whole ordeal won’t be easy.

Also, I am like a Rubik’s Cube when it comes to figuring out why anything bothers me. With that said, here is a small list of why I find this whole ordeal frightening.

…Ok, maybe not the whole ordeal. My biggest fear lies with going under…AAAHH!!!

Childhood Trauma

When I was in first grade, I broke my arm falling off a swing. I know, I’m awesome right? I had completely split the bone at my wrist. I remember sitting around the Emergency Room, not really paying attention to my arm. Everyone seemed to be in good spirits, or they might have been distracting me for all I know.

Anyways, they finally wheeled me away from my family. Next thing I know, they stick a mask on my face and tell me to breathe. I tried to ask what it was, but I only remember them telling me to breathe. I started to panic, and they just held the mask on my face tighter until I fell asleep.

I still get the heebie jeebies when I remember that.

Vomit Phobia

You are required to fast before going under this crap, mainly because it can make you sick. It makes me want to fast all day today!!!

The Confusion

I am so scared to wake up and not understand where I am and what just happened. James told me over and over that he was completely aware of where he was, but he was ‘up in the clouds’. This creeps me out.

Will I Stop Breathing?

I keep imagining how it will all play out. I will go into the room, they’ll have me lay down, they hook me up to the monitors, they put the tube around my nose, I simply relax and keep breathing, eventually I start to drift away…

This is where I panic and stop the visualization. I have NO idea why, but I imagine it’s because I’m afraid of my breath stopping.


I think that’s about it for my fears about this whole stupid thing. I can’t wait until it’s all over with!!


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I Should Get My Life Together::Still Shaking Anxiety

Anxiety seems to be the theme of my posts as of late. It seems so silly, since a freshly engaged woman should be floating up with the clouds. And I am! It just seems like there are events in my life trying to ruin my good mood.

Right now, the wedding is weighing heavy on my mind. I also feel super squeamish and nervous about my pending wisdom tooth surgery which is 1 week from today! And this whole thing with North Korea is about ready to send me running for the hills.

I am now desperately trying to combat this constant urge to fight or flight. I’m keeping in mind all the breathing techniques I’ve learned in yoga, but it’s hard to keep a focus on my breath when the phone keeps ringing.

Right now, I feel like I’ve been sitting under a hot sun. I feel dehydrated, a little sweaty, and a touch cloudy in the mind. My eyes are heavy and my limbs feel weak. My emotions are all over the place. I’ll be able to perk myself up and probably find a simple joke way too funny. Or I’ll sink back into a little rut of depression after reading Google news.

Time to take a few deep breaths… come on, you try!

Breath in *deep breath counting to 1…2…3…*

Breath out *release counting to 1…2…3…*


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Shining a Light on Anxiety::Unnecessary Fight or Flight Response

My life is controlled by a silent demon. Yes, I will use the word ‘demon’ to emphasis the cruelty of this affliction. I could wake up in the jolliest of moods, and it will strike.

This morning, for no reason at all, I had another anxiety attack.

It feels like the world is going to end during an anxiety attack. When a situation triggers my anxiety, I will play out a made up scenario in my head based on that situation. The scenario is never good, and I treat it as if it will happen. For example:

“Oh, my gosh! I didn’t grab my cell phone before coming in to work. Something is going to happen to someone I love and I won’t hear about it until I go home and get my home.” *Proceed to panic the rest of the day or possibly cut work day short to get phone to end the anxious feeling*

Other times, it simply feels like the world should end because I don’t want to deal with whatever caused my attack. I will elaborate on this further when I discussed my anxiety triggers.

I also have a horrible time keeping my thoughts organized. I try like hell to keep calendars, journals, to-do lists, etc but they end up as a passing fancy. When anxiety hits, it’s like someone knocke a bowl glitter onto a carpeted floor. Those pieces of glitter are my thoughts, the carpet is my anxiety holding on to my ‘thoughts’, and I am left with the struggle of reassembling them into the ‘bowl’ aka my cluttered mind. No sense in writing down my thoughts, because it feels like there isn’t enough time. I start to write quickly before I forget everything and I start to panic.

There are a few things and situation that just naturally make me anxious. The smaller of these things was previously discussed in my blog post about my emetophobia. My fight or flight instinct overpowers me when I’m around someone who complains of a stomachache, someone who is drinking, or even when I’m in public and I see someone walk into the restroom. For a while, mostly in high school, if I was in a public stall and someone came to occupy the one next to me, I would get a panicky feeling and the urge to hurry up and run out of there. I wouldn’t relax again until I heard that individual undo their pants and sit down.

Oh yes, I have walked into public rest rooms when people are getting sick. I did go to college, you know. In those situations, I ran out of the bathroom.

A huge trigger for me over all is anger. This can be exceedingly frustrating when you work in the customer service industry, which makes me wonder why I’ve been such a success in this field. I think there may be sound reasoning behind why anger does this to me, but I won’t go into that now.

If the anger is directed at me, I shut down completely. If someone is shouting or talking down to me, I cannot stick up for myself…at least right away. In the moment, I feel an overwhelming sense of failure and embarrassment. It feels like if I just agree with them, it’ll smooth things over and the anger will stop. I cannot look them in the eye, and there’s a pain in the pit of my stomach that slowly grows like an inflated beach ball. I cannot catch my breath, either.

If the anger is not directed at me, I still have a fight or flight reaction. If the anger is directed at another person, I think I feel empathy for that victim. That brings about the same reaction, and I have to run away from it.

When the attack is finally over, I am exhausted. My brain is fogged out and my eyes have a hard time focusing. I sometimes still feel that pain in the pit of my stomach. During my serious attacks, I have felt weak in my muscles too. All I ever want to do after an attack is lock myself in a dark bedroom with comfy pillows and hide under thick blankets.

Wow, it’s really strange seeing this all written out. I’ve never written out the details of everything that bothers me. Trust me, there’s more I could talk about. I’m going to leave the details of my personal anxiety battles at this.

Today at work, I set out to keep my life under control in hopes to avoid further anxiety. I made to do lists, kept my desk organized, and managed to stay focused all day. I may also start keeping a personal journal again to keep my thoughts together. Oh yes, and I have been keeping updated calendars of all events at work, at home, and on my phone.

I would really like to shine a light on this problem. It’s not just present in adults. I have seen it in elementary age kids,too. I would like to note that don’t really believe that we need to heavily medicate those who have this, but maybe we need to realize how common it is so the people who suffer don’t have to suffer in silence.

Do you suffer from anxiety? Or do any of these situations sounds familiar to you? Or do you have questions? Please feel free to begin a discussion in the comments below.

As always, I thank you for your time 🙂


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My Emetophobia

****Warning: Gross content ahead****

My name is Alyssa.
And I have Emetophobia.

Emetophobia (from the Greek εμετός, to vomit, and φόβος (phóbos), meaning “fear”) is an intense, irrational fear or anxietypertaining to vomiting (From Wikipedia)

What bothers me?

  • Other people (Adults or Children) vomiting in front of me
  • Hearing other people vomit
  • When people say their stomach hurts
  • Seeing it before it gets cleaned up or flushed

What Doesn’t Bother Me

  • Animals vomiting
  • Me vomiting

What is My Reaction

  • Panic (especially when someone says their stomach  hurts)
  • Anxiety (I feel it in my gut ironically)
  • Heart races
  • Intense need to get as far away from that person as possible

When Did I Notice This Fear?

  • Working at camp when I had a couple of campers get sick. I tried really hard to be comforting, but all I wanted was to get way from them
  • In college, I would avoid bathrooms on weekends because I knew partiers would be getting sick in there
  • Eminem’s song Puke has a soundbite of him getting sick and I cannot listen to that song at all

My Theories on What Caused This?

  • In elementary school, whenever someone got sick, the teachers would scream for us to GET BACK GET AWAY DON’T TOUCH IT etc
  • I once got sick during my dance class in elementary school, and I had to be kept isolated for the remainder of the  class

What Next?

  • I really want therapy or something because this is becoming very crippling
  • I wanted to admit I have this problem to see if anyone else shares this fear


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