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My Brief Moment Of Panic Today

Tonight was a calm night for us. I was laying on the couch watching TV while my fiance went down the hall to switch out the laundry. I was crocheting and just drifting off into my own world. I was quickly interrupted….AAaaaAAAaaAAaaAAaaAAaaAAaaAAaaAA!!
The damn fire alarm was going off again. Great, some butt hole pulled the fire alarm or something. I walked to the door to grab my shoes and what’s when I smelledi t.


I popped the door open and saw smoke in the hallway.The doors had slammed shut so I couldn’t see down the hallway. My heart started to race at that moment. I smelled the smoke, and I didn’t know where my fiance was. i didn’t know where the smoke was coming from. Oh, my God!

I did what we had done with other ‘false alarms’: I grabbed my sweatshirt, grabbed my shoes, and grabbed our emergency duffle bag.

I still didn’t know where he was, and smoke was billowing into the hallway from the apartment across from us.

Oh, my God!

In less than 30 seconds, after laying peacefully on the couch not expecting my life to change one bit, I had adrenaline pumping into all of my veins. Never mind all the stuff we had in our apartment, although I was scared of it all burning up. The only thing I focused on was on my fiance.

I started grabbing his coat and shoes, hoping I would run into him outside.

And that’s when he ran through the door.

I wanted to stop and hug him, but I focused on getting us out of there.

“The neighbors burnt their food again,” he told me.

This is a normal thing, but the panic didn’t go away. He seized the four important items in the apartment (3 old childhood stuffed animals and my baby blanket), I threw the emergency duffle bag over my shoulder and we took off.

We choked on the smoke of burnt Asian food the whole way down. As soon as we got through the door, all I wanted to do was cry and hug him. There were small children out on the sidewalk, so I didn’t want to cry in front of them and make them worry.

I am feeling so much right now. I am pissed at our damn neighbors for being so neglegant. I’m upset that the firemen checked out their apartment and stated there was ‘no immediate risk’, and I’m still feeling the panic as i am still working the adrenaline out of my system.

We’re back to ‘calm’ in the apartment. We only have one dim light on, and the news is drowning on in the background. I am very thankful that our situation was nothing more than a false alarm, but I cannot imagine the emotions for anyone who runs out of the apartment and it’s not a false alarm…


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How We Save Money::Things we can learn to live without!

Here are just a few things we’ve been doing to save those pennies. Please comment below if you have any other ideas of things to cut out/downsize!

1.) Down to one vehicle

This really wasn’t done by choice, sadly. However, We’ve turned this into a positive. Here are the monthly savings:

Car Payment: $150
Garage Stall: $40
Gas: Roughly $90
Insurance: Roughly $70

SAVINGS: $4200/year!!!


2.) No more dryer

The dryers in our apartment building are crap, so this decision was not hard to make.

Cost per load: $2.25
Loads done/month: Roughly 6

SAVINGS: $162/year!!!!

3.) No more cell phone

I purchased a no contract phone, so this is easy. I’ll keep 10$ on it for emergencies, but I switched over to a land line (one of those Magic Jack plus deals).

Cell Phone Plan: $37.50/month
Total Cell phone cost/year: $450
Cost to install phone (including phone itself) $80.
Total savings in 12 months (yearly cell phone cost – start-up cost): $370!!!

4.) No pop

These figures are based of the delicious fountain sodas I used to get at Super America.

Cost of a 32oz Dr. Pepper (mmm). roughly $0.74 (it’s been a while!)
Cost per week: $3.70
Cost Per Month: $14.80
SAVINGS: $177.60/Year!

5.) No Fast Food








Better health, big savings. Win/Win!

Average cost/week: roughly $15.00

SAVINGS: $720/year!!!


6.) No Paper Towels






Who needs to kill trees when a washcloth can clean up the same mess?

SAVINGS: $25/Year!!! (we bought the cheap stuff. GO GREEN!)


Total savings in 12 months: $5654.60!!!!!!!!!!!

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