Indesign computer program

I used this program while working for Rivers Meeting. I have two years experience, with one year hands-on.  Hands-on meaning I am more involved with the program for I worked with our designer and put most of our anthology together.

Microsoft Office

I have worked with almost every MS Word program from 95 – 2010.  I have advanced skills in Microsoft Excel.  I know how to work MS Outlook, as well as Power Point.


I took a Photoshop tutorial class in high school, and I’ve been dabbling with it ever since.  When I sit down to use it again, I find I can relearn the tools quickly.  I haven’t done any major projects with this program, but I do enjoy using it occasionally.

Mac and PC

I have experience working with both types of computers.  I do own a PC, but I work with Macs in the college computer labs.  I understand the differences and commands for both and can function properly on either operating system.

 Words Per Minute

A recent typing test I finished online ( clocked me at about 92 words per minute.


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