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The Current Plights of a Restless Writer

I hate moving.

I posted this on Facebook quite a bit the last two weeks. Of course, we did have a choice in the matter…somewhat. We didn’t have to move. We had a perfectly decent place to live that kept a roof over our head.

With money the way it is, when we found the opportunity to live somewhere that was $200 less each month, there really was no choice in the matter anymore. Besides, I was sick of waking up to the stink of pot in the hallway. It always made me stick to my stomach. Or hungry…I’m not quite sure.

There really isn’t much point to this blog. I pondered many different subjects to write about just to get myself writing. With my anxiety the way that it is, writing seemed like a decent way to distract myself and forget my woes. This little writer may need to drag her butt to a doctor and get some pills. Yes, drastic measures, but this anxiety is starting to interfere with my daily activities. No amount of yoga can completely control it.

I need some help. I’m willing to admit it.

Imagine never being able to relax: As soon as you get home from work, you instantly begin to worry. You want to sit down and enjoy yourself, but something nags at you. Something tells you that you need to be doing something else. And when you cannot think of it, you get that panicky feeling that something horrible will happen. You need to do something right now, you cannot remember what it is, and something horrible will happen because you forgot.

Man. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t so messed up.



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I Should Get My Life Together::Still Shaking Anxiety

Anxiety seems to be the theme of my posts as of late. It seems so silly, since a freshly engaged woman should be floating up with the clouds. And I am! It just seems like there are events in my life trying to ruin my good mood.

Right now, the wedding is weighing heavy on my mind. I also feel super squeamish and nervous about my pending wisdom tooth surgery which is 1 week from today! And this whole thing with North Korea is about ready to send me running for the hills.

I am now desperately trying to combat this constant urge to fight or flight. I’m keeping in mind all the breathing techniques I’ve learned in yoga, but it’s hard to keep a focus on my breath when the phone keeps ringing.

Right now, I feel like I’ve been sitting under a hot sun. I feel dehydrated, a little sweaty, and a touch cloudy in the mind. My eyes are heavy and my limbs feel weak. My emotions are all over the place. I’ll be able to perk myself up and probably find a simple joke way too funny. Or I’ll sink back into a little rut of depression after reading Google news.

Time to take a few deep breaths… come on, you try!

Breath in *deep breath counting to 1…2…3…*

Breath out *release counting to 1…2…3…*


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How We Save Money::Things we can learn to live without!

Here are just a few things we’ve been doing to save those pennies. Please comment below if you have any other ideas of things to cut out/downsize!

1.) Down to one vehicle

This really wasn’t done by choice, sadly. However, We’ve turned this into a positive. Here are the monthly savings:

Car Payment: $150
Garage Stall: $40
Gas: Roughly $90
Insurance: Roughly $70

SAVINGS: $4200/year!!!


2.) No more dryer

The dryers in our apartment building are crap, so this decision was not hard to make.

Cost per load: $2.25
Loads done/month: Roughly 6

SAVINGS: $162/year!!!!

3.) No more cell phone

I purchased a no contract phone, so this is easy. I’ll keep 10$ on it for emergencies, but I switched over to a land line (one of those Magic Jack plus deals).

Cell Phone Plan: $37.50/month
Total Cell phone cost/year: $450
Cost to install phone (including phone itself) $80.
Total savings in 12 months (yearly cell phone cost – start-up cost): $370!!!

4.) No pop

These figures are based of the delicious fountain sodas I used to get at Super America.

Cost of a 32oz Dr. Pepper (mmm). roughly $0.74 (it’s been a while!)
Cost per week: $3.70
Cost Per Month: $14.80
SAVINGS: $177.60/Year!

5.) No Fast Food








Better health, big savings. Win/Win!

Average cost/week: roughly $15.00

SAVINGS: $720/year!!!


6.) No Paper Towels






Who needs to kill trees when a washcloth can clean up the same mess?

SAVINGS: $25/Year!!! (we bought the cheap stuff. GO GREEN!)


Total savings in 12 months: $5654.60!!!!!!!!!!!

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Auditioning for Blogger Idol

Mom had posted the link on my Facebook wall, and I have decided to go for it!

Auditions are open between now and Midnight, September 17th. Got what it takes to be the next Blogger Idol??

Since I want to start taking my writing more seriously, and because I want to be something big, this has become my next biggest goal. Right now, I don’t have the goal of winning. I have the goal of qualifying, and seeing how far I make it.

I’ll need tons of support from family and friends. I know that own’t be hard, since you guys have always been there for me already 🙂 Wish me luck!

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Wine + Cheetos night. Also, Good News!

In order to combat the frustration with my personal life right now, I am enjoying a glass of Barefoot Red Moscoto and a bag of slightly stale Cheetos. Quite therapeutic, although the alcohol and salt combination will cause the mother of all hangovers in the morning. Oh well, it’s my day off from the Good Mood Shack (Arby’s).

Despite the conflicts that lead to the sweet comfort of a glass of wine, I do have some good news. Remember that rant I posted regarding my job interview last week or so ago? Well, I GOT THE JOB! I cannot tell you how much I cried when I received that email. So much emotional investment, and I was so afraid it wouldn’t work out for some reason.

The art of job hunting has become an emotional one. With this poor economy, political jokes, and college debt, money has become a far more emotional part of my life. I didn’t want that to happen, but at the moment I have no control over it.

I’ll post the details on a day where I’m not sipping from what appears to be the largest wine glass EVER! Heehee, happy dreams to all! I’m going to bed. *snooze*

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Sharing something personal – A Rant Before My Interview

This has been the roughest two years of my life, and I wasn’t expecting that at all. I sincerely felt that going to college was going to end my struggles. That degree was my ticket to a better life and all that jazz I wrote about in my college application essay. And it turned out to be the exact opposite.
I have made mistakes. Pretty major ones. I was in and out of crap jobs for two years, just trying to hard to make the life I wanted at the time work. Everything had been the same for almost four years, and it felt like eternity. I assumed that was my future and I kept rolling with it.
Turns out I was wrong. Everything changed for me the summer of 2011. My love life was derailed, my self-esteem dropped and I was feeling hopeless. Beyond hopeless.
For four years, I studied my ass off to make sure I never came back to that farm town, and yet there I was. No peers of mine were around still, and I felt isolated. Things probably were pretty hopeless.
For the most part, I would like to thank my stubborn persistent nature, which kept pushing me to find something better even if my world was in a thousand sharp pieces all around me. There has also been a major blessing put back into my life that I had lost almost four years ago as well, and he was there for me to take my reaching hand and pull me out of the quicksand of my tormented self.
Everything is different now. I’m away from home, I grew my hair out, I’ve (slightly) changed my name, and adopted a self-sufficient attitude.
Yes, this job interview will go well today. The last two years of struggles have lead up to this moment. If not this, there is more on the horizon. It’s all starting to come together. I could almost cry…

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Parrothead for Hire!

I’m finally back to the daily grind! I picked up a job…at Arby’s. Meh, it pays the bills. Actually, if I had to chose a fast food place to work, Arby’s would definietly be the pick. I worked at McDonalds just out of college and they were all about speed! fast! quick! now! Arby’s actually puts more emphasis on quality customer service. In other words, I can strike up a conversation with a customer and now be told to work faster! *whip*

James and I are settling in just fine. Unfortunately, we both have to work two jobs until we can pay off some debt and find higher paying positions. My goal is to eventually get my novel published. I know I probably won’t make MILLIONS but it’s still a goal I shoot for. Any extra money will always be appreciated.

Jimmy Buffett comes up a lot in this household…apartment-hold? Anyways, there are a couple of Parrotheads living here now! It’s amazing how he can bring your day around. At Arby’s, when I get frustrated about being in the food service yet again, I try and get a Jimmy Buffett song in my head and I start to feel better. It’s crazy, but it works! He is just such a happy fellow, and we must always surround ourselves with happy people. I would just SUFFOCATE if I were in a crowd of pessimists all day long.

I’m still searching high and low for that next big break. For now, though, I’m keeping enough money in my pocket to keep a roof over our heads and food in our bellies. *Deep Breath* Bring it on, life!


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