I Should Get My Life Together::Still Shaking Anxiety

Anxiety seems to be the theme of my posts as of late. It seems so silly, since a freshly engaged woman should be floating up with the clouds. And I am! It just seems like there are events in my life trying to ruin my good mood.

Right now, the wedding is weighing heavy on my mind. I also feel super squeamish and nervous about my pending wisdom tooth surgery which is 1 week from today! And this whole thing with North Korea is about ready to send me running for the hills.

I am now desperately trying to combat this constant urge to fight or flight. I’m keeping in mind all the breathing techniques I’ve learned in yoga, but it’s hard to keep a focus on my breath when the phone keeps ringing.

Right now, I feel like I’ve been sitting under a hot sun. I feel dehydrated, a little sweaty, and a touch cloudy in the mind. My eyes are heavy and my limbs feel weak. My emotions are all over the place. I’ll be able to perk myself up and probably find a simple joke way too funny. Or I’ll sink back into a little rut of depression after reading Google news.

Time to take a few deep breaths… come on, you try!

Breath in *deep breath counting to 1…2…3…*

Breath out *release counting to 1…2…3…*



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