Something That Broke My Heart

This situation I’m about to describe is in regards to complete strangers to me. It occured outside my apartment building.  I was waiting in the entrance for Jimbo to come pick me up to run errands. While I was waiting, this really fancy-looking forgein car pulled up. The woman driving the car had platinum hair, big sunglasses, a fancy wool pea coat, and some luxurious knee-high healed boots.

A man comes through the entryway. He’s dressed in sweatpants, a well-loved t-shirt and a stocking cap. He is carrying the most adorable little girl I have ever seen. She was a cutie with blonde, curly hair, chubby little cheeks, and a big smile

He was meeting the woman who was driving the fancy car. The lady got out and quickly said hello to the little girl. Quite reluctantly, I saw the man pass her off. This lady never said much of anything to the man. She simply told her daughter (I assume) to say ‘Good Bye’ to him.

“Goodbye sweetheart!” the man kept saying. The little girl continued to wave and say ‘Bye Bye’ as her mother took her to the car.

The man walked back inside and fumbled in his pocket for his keys. The little girl was outside, still waving and saying good bye to this man.

“She’s precious,” I said with a smile.

The man looked at me, and I suddenly felt a touch of sorrow and sympathy. It’s hard to describe the look, but those who have seen someone holding back  some saddness should know what I’m talking about.

“Yeah she is,” he sighed before disappearing back into the building.

Okay, there are a lot of factors to consider. I am assuming a lot of things. I just assumed this was a father/mother situation where the daughter was subject to joint custody. Maybe they were just babysittting.

Well, I still felt the heartbreak in the situation, and I actually cried a little in that entryway. This man looked like he was just trying to keep it together, and this woman was barely giving him the time of day. And this poor little girl was stuck in the middle.

I’m not sure what their situation is and there could be a million factors that I am not incorporating, but I could only imagine that the poor guy was working hard to make ends meet. Having been through financial struggles, I feel like I can pick up those struggling vibes from other people. I didn’t get that sense from the big sunglasses woman. Sure, she loves the little girl, but what about this poor man? It was clear he loved this little girl too, so why couldn’t he get a little break?


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