A Fresh Take on Religion

It wasn’t until 11th grade when I began to accept myself and all my weird attributes: my love of brightly colored clothes, constant optimistic attitude in the face of despair, and my constant need to be creative. Something I also realized was very much a part of me is my faith….

This is the point in the blog where I must state that I value the diversities of life and respect the viewpoints and religions of other people. Before stating that I am an overzealous Bible Humper about to convert you, I kindly ask you to shut the hell up and read my blog before you judge me. If you don’t have the open mind to pay attention for the next few paragraphs and intend on typing out hurtful comments without reflecting on my opinions, then you might as well click off this blog and go somewhere else.

Back to the topic at hand: my faith

I’ve fallen in and out of my faith over the last two years. In high school, mommy was the church secretary so church was kind of required every Sunday morning J. While attending college, I worked as a bible camp counselor in the summer time.

There were times were I completely turned my back on my faith, and definitely more than once. I will admit, it gets tough to believe that God exists when he continues to pile shit on your life. I am actually coming out of one of those times again. There are struggles in my personal life that have gone on for years, and I was starting to lose my strength to fight them. I had also prayed my ass off for them, and didn’t feel anything. I shut out my faith, and decided that I needed to do this on my own.

The last few weekends, James and I made the executive decision that we need to get more involved in a church community. We browsed around the churches in our community, and finally discovered one that seems to understand where we are coming from: we have abandoned our faith because we wanted to do things on our own, and we want to find our way back.

The sermon series at this church has been phenomenal. This week was one of my favorites because it revolved around our purpose and why we’ve been put on this Earth. Heavy stuff for a Sunday evening, I know!

Something I found completely amazing, and struck a chord inside of me, was the portion of the sermon that focused on how we must realize the world does not revolve around us. To put it in a Christian sense, the world does not revolve around us, it revolves around the Son.  I heard these words, and thought back to all those frustrating times I was out in public and people clearly thought the world was revolving around them.

There are the cell phone users who think it’s more important to check their Facebook than to go when the light turns green. I have seen so many people throw away gently used clothes rather than donate them to charities. There are so many examples I could give, but I don’t want to stray too far away from the point I am trying to make.

Through Christianity, there is a lesson to be learned about how we are not the complete boss of our life. God is the one who created the world, and He is the only one with complete control. Remove God from this teaching, and it’s the exact same message. The world and all of its happenings are out of our human control.

The forces (natural, spiritual, or however you view them) have been taking care of humans on this planet since life began. And yes, we can create our little inventions to make life easier and depend on them day in and day out, but they are not as nurturing as the beautiful bond of other people and nature.

I’ll be the first person to admit that the general public is filled with ass holes, but I wonder how many ass holes there would be if we would stop thinking the world revolved around them. There are so many different people out there in the world. How can one person think they are more important than the rest?

I will use this post to ask you kindly to take the opportunity to do one selfless act. Hold open doors, offer a seat to someone on the bus, donate your gently used clothes rather than throw them away, and just be aware of how many other people are out there around you. We are all brothers and sisters on this earth. Think about your own brothers or sisters: you don’t necessarily like them all the time, but you do always love them.


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