How We Save Money::Things we can learn to live without!

Here are just a few things we’ve been doing to save those pennies. Please comment below if you have any other ideas of things to cut out/downsize!

1.) Down to one vehicle

This really wasn’t done by choice, sadly. However, We’ve turned this into a positive. Here are the monthly savings:

Car Payment: $150
Garage Stall: $40
Gas: Roughly $90
Insurance: Roughly $70

SAVINGS: $4200/year!!!


2.) No more dryer

The dryers in our apartment building are crap, so this decision was not hard to make.

Cost per load: $2.25
Loads done/month: Roughly 6

SAVINGS: $162/year!!!!

3.) No more cell phone

I purchased a no contract phone, so this is easy. I’ll keep 10$ on it for emergencies, but I switched over to a land line (one of those Magic Jack plus deals).

Cell Phone Plan: $37.50/month
Total Cell phone cost/year: $450
Cost to install phone (including phone itself) $80.
Total savings in 12 months (yearly cell phone cost – start-up cost): $370!!!

4.) No pop

These figures are based of the delicious fountain sodas I used to get at Super America.

Cost of a 32oz Dr. Pepper (mmm). roughly $0.74 (it’s been a while!)
Cost per week: $3.70
Cost Per Month: $14.80
SAVINGS: $177.60/Year!

5.) No Fast Food








Better health, big savings. Win/Win!

Average cost/week: roughly $15.00

SAVINGS: $720/year!!!


6.) No Paper Towels






Who needs to kill trees when a washcloth can clean up the same mess?

SAVINGS: $25/Year!!! (we bought the cheap stuff. GO GREEN!)


Total savings in 12 months: $5654.60!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. That’s amazing Alyssa! Good job!

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