End of Week 1::Operation Fat Jeans!

It has been one week since James and I quit drinking pop and eating fast food!

Physical Changes:

  • Happier digestive tracts
  • Sleeping through the night
  • I don’t feel as ‘puffy’
  • Have more energy for daily walks, etc
  • My teeth aren’t as sensitive anymore
  • Increased drowsiness in the afternoon

General Observations:

  • Washing more dishes
  • Fast food and pop seem less appealing
  • Our self-control is improving greatly (Ex: ‘Let’s go home and eat lunch instead of stopping somewhere at the mall.’)
  • Planning meals (even just writing them on paper) helps keep us on track. That way, we don’t come home from a busy evening and say, ‘Oh crap, what are we going to have for dinner??’

Goals for next week:

  • Develop a practical exercise plan
  • Stick to the meals planned for the next 7 days
  • Eat more protein for energy in the afternoon

Future goals:

  • Plan a ‘gluten-free week’
  • Plan a ‘vegan week’
  • Decide on our personal rewards for the end of the 90 day makeover
  • Figure out how to ‘eat smarter’ in Disney World in January.

To The Others! (There are others who have decided to do the same as us. This section will always be for them)

Congratulations! You’ve made it one week!! I’ve seen you guys comment on my status about your personal victories. Specifically, a young lady had mentioned how she tried a sip of pop and found it too sugary.

The biggest challenge over the next 90 days is to change the way we’ve been thinking all our lives. Depending on your lifestyle, you’ve probably sunk into a thought process that taught you fast food was convenient and delicious, pop is always a refreshing beverage, health food is so expensive, so and and so on.

I’ll get into these subjects a little bit more later on in the 90 days, but today I wanted to focus on our thought process and how we feel about food. Listed below is a link to a TLC episode of My 600 Pound Life. The lady in this episode had mentioned how she stepped on the scale, she would look at the weight and think to herself  ‘that’s not too big.’

This scares me so much because I had that thought not too long ago. The doctor had weighed me, and the scale said I was 200 lbs. All I thought was ‘That’s not so bad.’ Well, how many more times am I going to say this in my life as I continue to get bigger and bigger?

To the people following along side me in pursuit of healthier choices, I am very proud of you! Stick with it, and you’ll succeed! And I’ll be here for encouragement and support.


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  1. Good going Alyssa and James! I will be thinking of you this week! If you have any questions about gluten free of vegan eating, I am very familiar with both!

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