Day1::Easing into it Gently…(that’s what she said)

This first week of the 90 day makeover will definitely be a period of transition. I don’t plan to be as hard on myself during this first week. Here is the plan for this week:

  • Continue to brainstorm healthy foods to replace our current favorite snacks
  • Work on planning ahead for meals so they aren’t a surprise when we get home (“OMG, I still need to make dinner!” Sound familiar?)
  • Figure out what exercises will work best for our lifestyles
  • Get in the habit of getting up at a decent time in the AM, rather than rushing out the door after waking up

Tonight’s Plan:
We are working on eating up all the food we have in the apartment. Right now, it is a lot of starch items that we will be eating throughout the week: rice, noodles, pierogies, etc. I think tonight’s meal will probably be spaghetti or a chicken rice recipe I found online.

I also had an idea for exercise: walk up and down the stairs in the apartment, and sprinting through the basement garage. We’ll give that a try tonight and see how it goes.

I’m really going to look into low-impact exercises that will help me lose weight. I’ve noticed that after a run, or a walk, or a bike ride, my knees always hurt and I can feel pain where I know my fat bounces up and down. Once the weight starts to melt off, I know these pains will go away.

So far, no pop or fast food today! I’m not even tempted (thank God for coffee!)


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One response to “Day1::Easing into it Gently…(that’s what she said)

  1. Jean

    You can do it!

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