Why I Hate Strollers {a rant/opinion}

There are some luxuries that make life bearable: washing machines, microwaves, cell phones, disposable maxi pads, what have you. However, there are luxuries, when misused, can piss off people to the point where existing becomes difficult again.

There are many examples, but for now I’m talking about STROLLERS!

I don’t have kidlettes, so this the opinion of an observer. There are times were I avoid certain events because I know there’s going to be a horrible collection of strollers blocking the aisles and bumping into me. Most recently, this happened at the zoo.

There’s a zoo we visit frequently. Thank goodness it’s a FREE zoo, because most of the time I end up leaving early. You cannot go to any of the indoor exhibits on a busy day. It’s not the people blocking the way, it is all the strollers! Now don’t get me wrong, not all the strollers get in my way (umbrella strollers, etc). It is the stupid, SUV strollers with four wheel drive, a million cup holders and ipod dock that the yuppies use to carry their kids and car seats.

They are huge, and they are hard to steer. What makes a parent think to bring that to an event/place where they know it’s going to be crowded and there will be narrow spaces?

Once I saw a family with a two-kid stroller. One kid was walking, the other was being carried, and all their bags, purses, sweatshirts etc were in the stroller….. What the hell?

You know, Sacajawea didn’t have no damn stroller. She strapped her kid to her back and carried on. And for how many years did women do this? This made women tough!! Think of how quickly you would lose baby weight if you had the kid tied to you until they learned how to walk?

Then again, these huge SUV strollers should provide enough of a workout. Just make sure you put the kid in it, and not your purse!!


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One response to “Why I Hate Strollers {a rant/opinion}

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Never had an SUV stroller but we did take our kids to the zoo with a modest stroller. Some day Alyssa, you will understand the purses, etc, in the strollers, and the reason we use(d) them. Try carrying a 30 pound one year old on your back or front for a long time! We had two of those! I loved carrying my babies in slings and baby carriers until they got too big! My sister got bashed by a wheel chair at the state fair. We had to bring her to the First Aid Station! Keep on writing!!!!

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