Details About my Job: Adventures in Marketing

I finished my first week at my new job! Met with all my co-workers, signed the appropriate paperwork, learned how to use the computers, and I even got my own cubicle!! I may be too excited about that little detail.

Here’s my job in a nutshell: The company I work for, One 2 One Marketing, sells promotional items/awards/incentives/etc for companies. My position at this company is sales/account management. My job is to maintain relationships with existing clients and establish relationships with prospective clients. I walk them through the ordering process, submit ideas and solutions for their needs such as upcoming expos, incentives for their employees, etc.

It’s actually an excellent way for me to be creative. For example, one of my co-workers was looking for ideas for (I believe) a real estate company. They wanted incentives to give people who were coming in to close deals and whatnot. The co-worker researched products and put together a proposal that included things like pizza cutters, white boards, etc.

It’s really hard to give full detail, as I’m just getting my feet wet. But trust me, I will share my excitement with all of you as I continue!!


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