Sharing something personal – A Rant Before My Interview

This has been the roughest two years of my life, and I wasn’t expecting that at all. I sincerely felt that going to college was going to end my struggles. That degree was my ticket to a better life and all that jazz I wrote about in my college application essay. And it turned out to be the exact opposite.
I have made mistakes. Pretty major ones. I was in and out of crap jobs for two years, just trying to hard to make the life I wanted at the time work. Everything had been the same for almost four years, and it felt like eternity. I assumed that was my future and I kept rolling with it.
Turns out I was wrong. Everything changed for me the summer of 2011. My love life was derailed, my self-esteem dropped and I was feeling hopeless. Beyond hopeless.
For four years, I studied my ass off to make sure I never came back to that farm town, and yet there I was. No peers of mine were around still, and I felt isolated. Things probably were pretty hopeless.
For the most part, I would like to thank my stubborn persistent nature, which kept pushing me to find something better even if my world was in a thousand sharp pieces all around me. There has also been a major blessing put back into my life that I had lost almost four years ago as well, and he was there for me to take my reaching hand and pull me out of the quicksand of my tormented self.
Everything is different now. I’m away from home, I grew my hair out, I’ve (slightly) changed my name, and adopted a self-sufficient attitude.
Yes, this job interview will go well today. The last two years of struggles have lead up to this moment. If not this, there is more on the horizon. It’s all starting to come together. I could almost cry…


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  1. Marcia brown

    Rooting for you Alyssa!

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