Parrothead for Hire!

I’m finally back to the daily grind! I picked up a job…at Arby’s. Meh, it pays the bills. Actually, if I had to chose a fast food place to work, Arby’s would definietly be the pick. I worked at McDonalds just out of college and they were all about speed! fast! quick! now! Arby’s actually puts more emphasis on quality customer service. In other words, I can strike up a conversation with a customer and now be told to work faster! *whip*

James and I are settling in just fine. Unfortunately, we both have to work two jobs until we can pay off some debt and find higher paying positions. My goal is to eventually get my novel published. I know I probably won’t make MILLIONS but it’s still a goal I shoot for. Any extra money will always be appreciated.

Jimmy Buffett comes up a lot in this household…apartment-hold? Anyways, there are a couple of Parrotheads living here now! It’s amazing how he can bring your day around. At Arby’s, when I get frustrated about being in the food service yet again, I try and get a Jimmy Buffett song in my head and I start to feel better. It’s crazy, but it works! He is just such a happy fellow, and we must always surround ourselves with happy people. I would just SUFFOCATE if I were in a crowd of pessimists all day long.

I’m still searching high and low for that next big break. For now, though, I’m keeping enough money in my pocket to keep a roof over our heads and food in our bellies. *Deep Breath* Bring it on, life!



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3 responses to “Parrothead for Hire!

  1. Marcia brown

    Keep following those dreams! I want an autographed copy of that first novel!

  2. Great post today thanks. I really enjoyed it very much.

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