Back in the ‘Write’ State of Mind.

Hi there!

I’ve moved again!

I am back in MN, this time in the Twin Cities area. So far, so good. It’s hard to give a full report after one week. The apartment is better! Much bigger and well-kept compared to the craphole James and I were living in before. And we have carpet now!

The next step: employment.

I was surprised how tough it is to get into the door with basic jobs. My plan was to find a job at a fast food or retail place until I found my feet. That was easier said than done. Out of the, say, four or five fast food joints and retailers I applied at, I’ve only been called back for two interviews.

My long-term plans are looking mighty expensive, so I will have to keep at least a part-time job in the shadows of my career. So, instead of looking at it as  a failure on my part to find one job that satisfies my financial needs, I look at it as me willing to do anything to make this life work.

Creative News:
I think I need to restart my novel again. This will make it three times. I doubt it’ll be charming, mostly frustrating. I hit writer’s block, instant word death, and then I delete about ten pages of crap.

Ugh, writer’s block seems to affect everything in my life, including my thoughts, my conversations, and my blogs. I know what I want to say, but the words won’t fit together. My ideas are like Mega Blocks and I’m trying to add them to my foundation of Legos. IT DOESN’T WORK! I need to turn my thoughts into Legos so they’ll all fit together again.

Pending Goals

I am ready to settle down… in some sense of the word. I’m done moving. I’m where I want to be, with the person I want to be with. It’s time to make everything permanent!


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  1. This post was so positive, it really lifted my spirits (as hearing from you usually does) 🙂 You rock and I miss you!

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