Stuck Between a Good Idea [finish writing another chapter] and Lunch Time [leftover pasta]

I’ve been looking for divine inspiration all day today. My hope was to knock off a few more chapters in the novel I’m writing, but terrible mid-day reality shows are providing a rather effective distraction. So, in order to make sure I do at least one creative thing today, I am writing the following blog that you are reading.

My boyfriend and I are still in hot pursuit of what makes us happy. For me: being able to make a living out of being creative and NOT WEARING A UNIFORM!!! For my boyfriend: working for himself. So far, we’re off to…well, some sort of start. I’m keeping up with this blog, working on my novel and job hunting frantically for jobs without uniforms (no waitressing, no fast food if possible).

My boyfriend seems to be struggling a little more with his goals. For women, we can sell Avon, Pure Romance, Tupperware, etc. and not have to answer to a boss. There aren’t as many options for men. He really wants to find a way to be successful on his own, but he’s not sure where to start. We’ve tried Ebay, flea markets and Etsy with little to no success.

Thanks to a mountain of college loan debt and the reasonable request to live on our own, we will be stuck working the crap jobs until our own dreams start to come true. I’m just happy to have someone great to share this bloody struggle with.


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