All That I’m Saying… Is Give Peace a Chance!

DISCLAIMER: This is not a direct stab at any individual person, because I refuse to sink that low. If you feel that this is, in any way, a personal stab at you, then I suggest you reevaluate your life and not take it out on me.

I’m not sure if it’s just the sad little town I live in or society as a whole, but I have been getting dumped on quite regularly these days. My skills aren’t being recognized, and I’m expected to ‘just deal with it’ when I’m thrown into crappy situations.

It’s seems so much harder to catch a break these days. James and I are working hard to eventually settle down and live happily ever after. It always seems, no matter how hard we work, it’s never going to be hard enough. We are both working almost 14 hour days, only to end up a few bucks ahead.

Before you sit there and write a comment saying ‘that’s life’, I want to know who originally decided that life needed to be full of bullsh*t, rudeness, and hopelessness?

I am so annoyed with all the pessimistic people in the world. They are the ones that tell us not to take risks because the money situation is ‘unstable’ and constantly remind us that the job market sucks. THANKS FOR THE UPDATE, BUT WE ALREADY KNOW THAT!

How is life going to get any better if we continue to accept that it’s going to be sh*tty? Why aren’t we working to make it better? What happened to the universal dream of peace and understanding across generations, races, and religions? I want to pick up where John Lennon left off and make this happen!

I’m done being passive. I’m done being a doormat because it’s easier than making waves. It’s time to slap on the thick black eyeliner, tap into my inner strength, and find the voice I need to speak the confidence needed to get more out of life.


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