I’ve Got the Starving Artist/Waitressing Blues

[The funniest thing about the title of this blog: Google Chrome wanted to correct ‘Waitressing’ to ‘Depressing’]

[clearly, I did not create this image or own it]

It’s interesting how many starving artists end up in customer service positions.  I’ve been pondering this concept while waitressing at a local hotel restaurant. For me, it’s probably because I am so desperate for money and there always seems to be customer service positions available.

I saw a special on CNBC called ‘Customer Disservice‘ and it discussed how the customer service industry is suffering. It’s a tough business, so I’m not surprised. I have worked too many years in the customer service industry. It feels more like a sentence than a job. Like, the day I decided to become a writing major, the imaginary Counsel of Artistic Integrity and Demeanor said “Alyssa Leino Hanson, for as long as you wish to pursue a career as a creative writer, you are sentenced to work in the customer service industry. You will serve impatient, hungry customers cold eggs and answer angry phone calls regarding busted guitars.”

I know these problems aren’t unique, and that brings me comfort. Out there in the world, there is a clutter of starving artist working the crap shifts in the name of art. They stay up late trying to finish writing the next chapter, use their free time to complete just one more painting, take time off to make it to an audition on time, and work up the courage to submit their movie and theater script to big directors and theater companies.

I’m probably just going to bounce from one waitress job to the next. Hell, it’s a crap job but I’m good at it! One thing that helps me through the day: my pain-in-the-butt customers who leave me tips are paying for my future dreams! It makes me feel so much better.



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2 responses to “I’ve Got the Starving Artist/Waitressing Blues

  1. theothersideofthetable

    I’m glad you see the optimistic side of such a mundane job. My tips get gobbled up by the company I work for. It’s a further kick in the teeth after doing such a demanding job. Hope you get out of it soon though!

    • Hey! Thanks for stopping by. Yeah, I’m working hard to get out of it. At the same time, I need the money and sadly I am not allowed to be super picky about where it comes from. I’m still shooting for the imaginative stars!

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