15 Odd Crochet Patterns [Contains Humorous Mature Content]

There are those things in our lives that are put there simply to make life more enjoyable. You know what I’m talking about! There’s that person at work who wears rainbow-colored socks, those random items purchased at garage sales that sit in your life like decorative kitsch and make you feel the best emotions ever.

I have been crocheting and occasionally knitting for a little over a decade and I have come across some hilarious and sometimes off-beat crochet patterns. Here is just a sampling of crocheting and knitting I found. Please note I am not mocking or making fun of those who created these patterns. I’m merely fascinated at the amount reativity in the world 🙂

1.) Ice Cream Sandwich Tampon Holder

2.) Dungeon Decor Kinks

3.) Willy Warmers

4.) A Signing Hand

5.) Reusable Tampons

6.) Uterus Menstrual Cup Cozy. If you don't know what a menstrual cup is, Google it right now! I didn't know about them until I found this pattern!!

7.) Kitty Weed Cat Toy

8.) Barbie's Toilet

9.) Edible Thong

10.) Fornicating Deer

11.) Reusable Menstrual Pads

12.) Smiley Face Poop

13.) Vomiting Face

14.) Fake Dog Poo

15.) Brain Hat


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  1. mary

    some people have way too much time on their hands — get out and help a old person —- donate your time to a homeless shelter ~~~~~

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