Have an (early) Merry Christmas!

It’s been quite the year for me!! Sorry for the lack of posts near the end of it. I’m going to give you a life update. I promise there will be more meaningful posts to come as my life becomes fuller:). I love life!

One of the highlights was my very first trip to DISNEY WORLD!! The mister surprised me in October with this trip to Florida in DECEMBER! Oh man, that seemed like forever away. And now, it’s a memory. One of the best memories I have! We only had one to day to visit the parks, which clearly was not enough time! We hit the majorly important items like the Flying Dumbo Ride, Spaceship Earth, Cinderella’s Castle, Tower of Terror, and pretty much all the major attractions you saw on TV shows on TGIF.

It’s hard for upcoming events to compete with that in the shadows, but we are sure trying! Each day, though difficult and financially stressful at times, is still a blessing because of who I share it with.

I’m heading home on Christmas Eve! It’ll be my first time back in good Ol’ Grove City since I moved away in September. It’ll be…. I don’t want to rely on the word ‘interesting’ to complete that sentence since it has sarcastic implications. It will be refreshing to come back as someone completely new. I haven’t been able to do that since freshman year of college.I love change!

I don’t want to look too far ahead into 2012 since there’s still some time left for me to finish 2011 with a big bang! Perhaps in another post another day.


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