T-Shirt Curtains

While my boyfriend went to work today, I stayed home to organize the apartment. It was in desperate need of it. One of the items on my to-do list: a curtain for the bathroom window!! As I organized the closet, I found an old t-shirt I don’t wear. All of a sudden BAM! Inspiration:

T-Shirt Curtains

I loooove it when crafts and recycling come together :). Now, I really didn’t put a lot of fancy work into these curtains, but you can take creative liberties. Here are the basics:

1.) Cut off the sleeves.

2.) Cut off the collar.

3.) Cut the seam that goes from collar to sleeve.

4.) Cut the seem that goes from armpit to the bottom (if that seam isn't there, eyeball it or measure it).

5.) Cut strips along the sleeve portion of the shirt (both sides). Do not cut strips around the collar area! Now, I eyeball things when I craft. If you wish, you can measure out the strip lengths. You'll need four strips to tie two knots on each side.

6.) Tie the strips around the curtain rod, just like doing a tie blanket.

7.) Hang in your window of choice.

There you go! Simple and quick. If you want to play around with different ideas, go right ahead.

Happy crafting 🙂


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