TV Show Idea for TLC

I’ve been watching an abundance of shows on TLC. After reviewing these reality shows and their content, I feel James and I should have no problem seeking a time slot. Here is our proposal:

Who’d ever think a little crafty hippie would fall in love with a Chicago boy? Well, it did happen! Off to chase their dreams, these two love-sick puppies found each other and couldn’t resist.

Even after an involuntary four-year silence, they have come together in the name of love and freedom!

But freedom isn’t cheap….

Keeping an apartment neat and together is not an easy task. Nor is it easy to pay the bills. When combined, their bills and student loans total at least $100,000. They don’t have much money. Every luxury they have, if any, they busted their asses for.

They get creative to take care of the stress of bills and working long hours. The hippie child likes to surprise the Chicago boy with smiley face balloons at the end of a long day. The Chicago boy loves to shower the hippie child with love and hugs whenever possible.

They are at the beginning of their new life together. They don’t have much money, but their debts will never be greater than their love!


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