My New Life Ahead!

I just realized that I wrote a blog similar to this back in January. I’m really not sure how to feel about that, and that is not a figure of speech. I typed, then deleted over and over again. Originally, I wanted to say I am as happy now as then, but this time, it’s different. Before, I was moving up. This time, I’m moving on. Something much larger than a simple promotion.

The job worked out! On September 20th, I will start my new position in Grand Forks, ND at the new airport terminal as stated in the blog before. The owner even mentioned I’d be able to update their website from time to time as well.

Now, working in the food industry does seem to be the fate of most writers. Actually, to tell the complete truth, I am more excited about working in a cafe and working on my book in my spare time than going to work everyday where I write until my eyes basically bleed. It’s not that I’m having doubts about my degree. Actually, I’m still proud of the degree I earned. Writing is something that will ALWAYS be in demand, whether it’s digital or written word.

I like that. A lot.

The thing that makes me nervous is moving nearly 300 miles away from home again. It is what I want, but the what ifs tend to peck at me like rabid chickens or something. It’s nerves or fear. I haven’t quite figured it out yet.

Although, a long time ago, I had someone tell me that humans tend to confuse excitement for fear. I don’t know if that’s been proven, but it’s something I always keep in mind. You’d be surprised how much that changes a situation if you remember it like a fact.

Anyways, the tail end of this blog will be devoted to gushing about the one person that made this transition so possible!!!!

This man pictured with me!!! Mr. Foster.

Our whole story needs an entire blog post of its own one day, but here’s the basic information: This man was my college freshman boyfriend. We didn’t date for very long, but still meant the world.

Haven’t talked to him in four years, but we ended up getting back in touch. When my life started to fall apart this summer, he was there to pick up the pieces.

He also got me the interview. And he’s given me a place to live.

This man is a big deal! Everyone who sees this guy on the street must tell him that he is a big deal. For real!! SO WONDERFUL!!!

Change is rough, but it makes you strong. And it becomes easier to handle when you have someone just as strong to stand beside you.



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2 responses to “My New Life Ahead!

  1. Marcia Brown

    Hey Alyssa! I am excited for you. I wish you the best in your transition and work, writing and all that is coming for you.

  2. Connie Chappell

    I know I don’t know you very well, Lyssa, but I feel a bit of kinship with you as a fellow writer. I can tell you from experience that, although “daily grind” writing has helped me hone my ability to write the things that truly matter to me, it’s exhausting to do it eight hours a day. I often feel like there are only so many words in me on any given day, and many days there just aren’t many left over for my personal endeavors. This seems like the right next move for you, so I’m sure it’ll be the right next move for your writing as well.

    But I totally think it’s a crying shame if you don’t get a Fahrney’s pen as a parting gift! 😉 All the best!

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