Influence By The Great Writing Deities! (whoever they are…)

I think there’s a greater force pushing me to write. I got so excited that I decided to take lunch early so I can work on this blog:

I’ve started to work with my Twitter account again.  And what a good idea! I had forgotten how many writing/publishing/english-related Twitter accounts that I’m following.  It was so exciting to click through the profiles and see what’s been going on.

There are lots of good accounts to follow.  Here’s just a few I that I enjoy:

PaperDarts (They have an excellent blog!)

And there are a lot more!  Just search around.  These influences are great to have, whether they offer inspiring words or advice.

The other great push: I found these interesting articles in regards to writing/writing etiquette when I was on the WordPress homepage:

How I Tricked my Book Club into Writing by: Lessons from Teachers and Twits

5 Annoying Replies That Don’t Require “Reply All” by:The Couch Manager

Since college graduation, I’ve really missed the influence from other students to write.  It was amazing.  The writing program was small, so we got to know one another fast and quickly learned each other’s writing styles.  We knew what the other was capable of, and we pushed them in that direction.  It was great.

Now that I’m out in the real world, I need to find these outlets again.  Twitter seems like a good place to start.  I just need to remember to sign in to the stupid thing once in a while!


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  1. Well thank you for quoting me in your post! Much obliged. Keep writing. Set a time, every day. Thirty minutes. You can do it! 😉

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