Exhaustion! Creativity Suffers!

Solve this mystery: Why am I so effing tired?

I know I have a full-time job which requires me to get up early. HOWEVER! You’d think I’d be used to that by now.

Anyways, because of this exhaustion, I fear my creativity is suffering. I did finally sit down and work on my novel last night.  I think I added two sentences and edited a couple of others…. I am a rock star.

That is why I am forcing myself to write this blog before I go back to work.  I really don’t think it offers any real contribution to the world, but I will use it to teach you ALLLLL a lesson: DON’T LET YOUR CREATIVITY SUFFER!  I don’t care if you’re painting, crocheting, or working on a cure for cancer!  All of it is important.  It’s your passion.  It’s your craft. Don’t let it die!  What’s left once that’s gone???!!! AAAAHHH!!!

I don’t know where that came from… I might have taken too much Sudafed last night.  Eeeek….



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4 responses to “Exhaustion! Creativity Suffers!

  1. I think true creativity requires true leisure–time to just hang out, play, screw off…I often tell myself I’m not a machine. I need real down time–not work, not writing. Re-charging.

  2. Hello There, do you mind if i quote it in my website?

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