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Hipster Kitteh

Hipster Kitteh iz in yer apartmentz, livin' like Stervin Artist.

When I signed on to the Starving Artist lifestyle, this wasn’t what I had in mind… but, as my life has shown me over the last 23 years, predictability is just not my adjective.

There is a thrill in having EDITOR and WRITER in your job description.  At least there is for me.  All day long, I edit item numbers and put them into grids for a car parts website based in the UK.  I think that adds quite a bit of flair to my starving artist story.  The men we work for have delicious accents.

And then the ‘starving’ portion comes into play: I have multiple bills in a month, and a paycheck that will cover them all but leave me just enough for gas and coffee.  The result? Living in my parents’ house (which I am grateful for, please do not misconstrued that).  Everything that was crammed in my dorm is now piled on top of all my childhood knick knacks in my bedroom.  My walls do not exist for there are piles of stuff blocking them.

What’s the solution?  Attempt to earn some extra cash on the side via the Internet.  I have started up an Etsy account (with only one item up for sale right now *Lame*) and selling books on half.com.  As of right now, neither are doing so well and I take complete blame for that.  My lack of discipline in these areas will kick my butt eventually.

With lack of funds comes never-ending expenses.  My laptop is starting to crap out on me, and it’s barely three years old.  The battery is useless and my CD-ROM isn’t working.  Minor problems in the computer world, but it does get irritating.  I’m still trying to repair it, but it would be so nice to just sell it on Ebay and get another one.  However, I lack the cash.  Therefore, I will stash money away in my crayon bank and see what happens.

My laptop is important, because it is my medium.  I’ve considered going back to my typewriter, but I cannot find replacement ribbon for it.  Actually, I’ve been a poor writer the last few weeks.  I have two novels started, some short stories, and a memoir attempt.  I haven’t touched any of them.  Every time I sit down to write, I think ‘Hmm, I wonder if this will fix my computer’ and two hours later I’m distracted. Ugh.

I  took a trip back to Bemidji this past weekend, my awesome college town.  It was so great seeing all my buds again.  It was also strange.  The last time I was in town, I was still trying to figure out what was coming next.  I felt so grown up a the time, but coming back I figured out that I was really still young.  Granted, I still am.  Man, it’s so hard to explain….

With all this in mind and more, I decided to take a look at my future goals….

Wow…The future is terrifying.

Let’s take this one step at a time… with bullet points!! YAY!!

  • When it comes to my career

 I have decided, as much as I don’t want to stay in this area for very long, I will wait until the end of the summer to update my resume and post it online.  I don’t really mind Spicer, so it won’t be so hard waiting around.  I just miss my friends….

  • When it comes to my writing

I don’t want to set an exact date of when I want to finish a novel, but I need to start somewhere.  My biggest thing is that I need to get back in the habit of writing little bits every day.  That will make a BIG difference, considering I’ve got at least 30 pages in each novel right now.

  • When it comes to my relationship with Anthony

I have always said that I wanted to be married and have at least one kid before I turn 30.  I think I’m still doing ok with that.  Plus, he wants to get more schooling under his belt.  Because I love him so much, I will respect that wish with great patience.  I will also pray that this long distance bull &*$% will wrap itself up soon and we can be together more often.

I think that’s a good start.  Let’s not overdo it.

In conclusion, I’m hoping to have my financial woes under wraps soon.  I’ll work on earning extra cash online, and I’ll work hard enough that I’ll get considered for a monetary promotion at work.  I’ll keep my fingers cross…and hold my breath, count to seven, spin around, wear my lucky green underpants….


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