Song I fell in love to.

A local AM station is holding an annual Valentine’s contest.  You basically have to submit a story.  Last year, it was something about interesting Valentines’s Date.  This year, it’s ‘Song I fell in Love to.’  Here it is:

Since there is much debate over which song me and my Mr. fell in love to, I am going another direction.  I have decided to tell the story about the song I fell in love to…with my best friends.

Punk rock was at its peak in high school.  It came into style when I started hanging out with the crowd I now consider my best friends.  Of course, we blended together very well.  That was because of our inner children often escaping.  We got into all sorts of ridiculous shenanigans.  Just the other day, I was digging through old high school photos and uncovered a set from one strange night we all spent together.  I don’t think they were in order, but even if they were they wouldn’t make sense.  Someone was making sock puppets to the camera, a play-doh creature was chilling on the countertop next to some French bread pizza, people were dancing in the living room with ‘Porky’s’ playing on the TV in the background, and everyone piled up on a laz-i-boy.

Coming back to the punk rock reference: one of my buds had an awesome ringtone on her Nokia: ‘What’s My Age Again?’ By Blink 182 (which sounded awesome on those old school Nokias, let me tell you!)  Now this song is written by young whipper snappers with far too many tattoos, but the song must be enjoyed by all.  Long story short: there’s a guy, and he keeps pulling all these weird pranks and getting into odd situations.  By the end, he says “I never wanna act my age. What’s my age again?”  It was the best way to capture our perpetual need to cause mischief.  Ever since then, when I’m feeling nostalgic and so far away from my friends, I just play this song and we all start rabblerousing in my head.

Just in case you haven’t heard it before, here it is:

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