Big News!

I got the promotion!

I am now on the content writing/editing team from Marketing Concepts in Spicer, MN.  This is the type of career move I’ve been working hard on since I picked my major.  I am now working on informing loved ones, sending emails to professors, and just generally being pleased with myself.

It was funny.  When I got to work this morning, I got an email requesting a second interview…none of my other co-workers got this email.  Hmm, and I’m wearing my Ghostbusters shirt.  Nerdy.  So, I roll with it.  I’m also not feeling well, so that makes me a little light-headed and loopy.  By 3’oclock, I think I’ve gathered myself well enough to stroll on down there.

I spoke with the same individuals again.  They slid me a job description.  I read through it.  I was pleased.  They asked me about my writing assignment.  I confessed I mistook 500 characters for 500 words.  I thought that would play negatively against me, but they asked for advice on how to clear that phrasing up.  Then the offered me the job.  I start the first week of February.

GO ME!!! YES!!!


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