Who you gonna call?

I have a crush on Dan Akroyd.

I love Ghostbusters.  I feel the public needs to know this.

So I will hear about the possible promotion in about two weeks.  I’m still having serious doubts on how I filled out that writing test, so I’m not sure how that will turn out.  It had said to narrow down the copy into 500 characters, which I stupidly took to mean ‘words’.  Yeah…I might be screwed.  *Sigh*  I was talking with the other co-worker who was interviewed for the position, and he was making me feel better about the situation.

“They know this is your first time around,” he said.  “You have never done content work before, so they’ll take that into account.”

It was just cool to get encouragement from a competing co-worker.  The folks I work with really aren’t that bad 🙂

Oh yeah, I have another interview coming up!  It’s for Ecumen.  They’re opening up a new facility in Apple Valley, MN.  They were the folks I did the phone interview with during my last post.  This could be good!  Good things are a-coming.

I’m getting my creative soup cooking lately.  Earlier today, I made a bowl out of an old record.  And on Tuesday, I’m painting murals on my sister’s walls!  Just thinking about it gives me warm fuzzies.  Maybe, one day soon, I can make a living by being crafty and creative.


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