Post-Interview Stress

I had my interview at work today.  I was a ball of nerves the entire day, trying to figure out how to present myself to upper management. 

The first wave of comfort came after I saw the email in my inbox confirming the interview for ‘Content Writer’

*Content Sigh*

Previous emails between me and upper management had only referred to is as a marketing position.  I wasn’t sure how to sell myself as a marketing person.  It was easier to sell myself as an editor.  Perfect.

3 O’Clock rolled around.  I broke free from my telephone shackle and trailed my way down the stairs and through the doors into…..silence.  My ears were ringing as I waiting outside the conference center.  I enjoyed it.  There was also a little tiny dog taking a snooze in the hall.  He was attached to a lease, which stretched out of an office.  It made me smile.

The interview went off without a hitch.  I met with the people I would be working with if hired, and answered the traditional What-Have-You and Describe-For-Us type of questions.  Fairly generic.  Some laughs were thrown around too, giving me a greater sense of comfort.

And then the interview concluded… I was told I would be given a test.  Well, not really a test.  They told me it was just to test my writing/editing skills.  They would send it to my email later on that day.

I went back up to the call center, took a couple of angry calls, sold some guitars and decoys, and then the email came….

I printed it off to review it throughout the day.

I stared at that piece of paper for over two hours, letting my inner editor completely take over.  I was cropping, copying, pasting, revamping, and just going at it like a kindergartener attacking finger paints and glitter during arts and crafts.  All while taking phone calls and answering chats.  I thought I could handle it.  I love editing!!!  But eventually…..

My blood sugar dropped.  I was now starving.
My head was throbbing.
My throat was dry.
My eyes hurt.

I had picked up an extra two hours at work, and it was starting to show.  I was scared.  I wanted to finish this assignment before I took off.  That would really impress them….but no.  By the time 7PM came around, I had to get out of there.  I tucked the paper away in my gigantic purse, got some Subway, and came home.

After my feast, my blood sugar went back to normal.  My stress level went way down, and I approached this assignment with a clear mind, sans the constant beeping and ringing around me.

And now, here I am.  I am writing a non-sensical blog to try to illustrate what I have gone through today.  It has been emotionally battering.  This is something I have been aiming to do since I decided upon a major so many years ago.  This is my big chance.  To get some experience under my belt and finally do something that I love.  That I LOVE!!!!!  Going to college will finally make sense.


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