‘You Have to Look on the Bright Side with all of Your Might!’

I’m waiting for a phone call, so I will have to pause this blog at one point… I’ll explain that later.

Monday was just awful to me early on.  The night before, I had been sending emails to potential employers I’ve been keeping contact with.  When I went to bed, I felt good.  When I woke up and read my emails, my mood went down a bit.  One email told me that the job was basically put on hold for the time being, and I hadn’t gotten a response from the other place.  Now please, keep in mind that this is normal in the job hunting world.  However, being that I’ve been out of school for about eight months now and I’m still living with my parents, I was starting to feel anxious about my future. 

 The downfall to a creative mind is that there’s potential for your emotions to get the better of you.  I have mastered keeping them under control so I can survive in the professional world, thank God!  Yesterday morning, out of nowhere, I ended up crying as I went to work.  And it wasn’t because of my never-ending job hunt.  Well, it had a little to do with it, but there’s a lot more to it: all my friends have moved on, my boyfriend still lives too far away, and I’m starting to feel stranded in the corn fields again much like when I was in high school.  Luckily, I dried my eyes, blew my nose, and went to work without another word.

That’s when my day started to look up…

I got an email from upper management.  I won’t go into huge details, because I’m superstitious and fear jinxing myself, but I’m probably getting interviewed this week for a higher level position

Also, earlier today I got a phone call about another job I applied for.  In fact, I’m waiting for them to give me a jingle so we can do a phone interview.  And there my phone sits…mocking me.  Then again, I am in my bedroom and the reception has been spotty.  Ugh.  Where are they?  I was actually pretty excited since they opted to do a phone interview.  Helps me out in the long run.

 It is now 4:03…did they forget about me?  I am not publishing this until I get the call!!

4:06..Got the call!! 

4:24… That was cool.  They asked me some very basic questions, and said they would contact me at the end of the week if they wish to schedule a face to face interview! Rock on!


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