…and instead of getting Christmas vacation, I am working an earlier shift here at the call center.  Then I work again tomorrow.  No vacation for the bill payers.  Instead, I am here ‘ruining’ half a dozen Christmases so far.  Because, you know, it’s my fault since I was supposed to check up on every single Christmas order to make sure they would make it out in time for Christmas.  *Sigh*  And given the phone calls I’ve taken so far, the number of people I disappoint is going to spike.

I have one job possibility still on the horizon.  The Burnsville Prince of Peace Lutheran Church is still looking for a Media Arts Specialist.  I sent my resume to them quite a while ago, but I’ve had trouble making it to the interview.  The first one we scheduled was during one of the larger snow storms this year, so we rescheduled.  When I emailed HR about the second interview, they decided to postpone it until the first of the year.  I’m not going to lie, I was a little upset.  However, it sounded like they were looking to make it full-time.  I’ll gladly wait for that.

I started working on a novel for my senior project at school.  After I graduated, I decided to take a break from it and focus on job hunting and other things.  In the last few weeks, I’ve been feeling a little hopeless in my job hunting.  That’s when I decided to pick it up again.  If I’m going to be stuck here, I might as well do something I love on the side.  It was actually a good idea.  i can now approach this book with a fresh, less-stressed out frame of mind.  I like that.

I’m trying to keep the hope alive.  I’ll try not to let this job eat at me.  In the time I’ve tried to finish up this post, I have disappointed a couple more people.  *repeats* I will make it through this day…



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