Here’ s an unrelated owl video to start off my blog:

Here’s the news on the home front:
I made top seller for the month of October!   The interesting part is I haven’t done anything except my job.  I’m getting compliment after compliment about my work ethic and how different and out-of-the-box my thinking is.  Well, I shouldn’t question it.  I’m doing good while I’m stuck here, and that’s important.

I’m still sending out my resume to anyplace I can find in the Twin Cities.  I found a good dozen or so publishing houses this past Tuesday to send my resume to.  So far, I only got about two replies back.  They told me no, but said they’d keep my resume on file.  How often to employers dig into those resumes?  If you have an idea, let me know.

I’m still working hard.  I may have to take some drastic steps.  One step includes just quitting my job and moving down the cities.  It would maybe be better to be thrown into the job market that way.

Reality hit me today as I set up my student loan payments.  The great part: it’s all online!  Dad handed me several bits of paperwork that I was suppose to fill out.  I did the same thing online and was done in 15 mins.  He’s into being old-fashioned.  Apparently the Internet cannot be trusted, even though it’s been around for decades now.  We MUST have print.  WE MUST BURY OURSELVES IN PHYSICAL PROOF OF ALL THAT WE DO!  Anyways, I opt to go green.  My life is cleaner.

I’m still digging for that next adventure.  I need that zest back in my life!  KEEPING THE DREAM ALIVE!


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