Bucket List

A friend of mine just did his on his blog.  And now, I am working on mine!  I started it on Facebook Freshman year and already had some things checked off.  Here we go:

1.) Graduate in four years from Bemidji State University
2.) Travel to a few more states
3.) Go to New York City
4.) See a show on Broadway
5.) Try sushi
6.) Get one more piercing either on my nose or my eyebrow.
7.) Marry the man I love
8.) Have children
9.) Have a famous person talk to my pregnant belly
10.) See Rammstein live (my dream would be to see them in Germany)
11.) Go to Germany for a while
12.) Travel to London
13.) Publish a book
14.) Have a Koi pond in my back yard to play Battleship in
15.) Go whale watching
16.) Go to Disney World
17.) Have a career as an author
18.) Quit McDonald’s
19.) Go to Chicago to go play in the Crown Fountains!
20.) Grow a successful flowerbed
21.) Learn to like veggies
22.) Buy a new car for stage two of my adult life
23.) Write and publish a children’s book
24.) Become good at DDR!
25.) Bungee Jump
26.) Learn how to correctly play chess again and WIN!
27.) Leave my mark at Green Lake Bible Camp
27.) Be able to pay my own cell phone bill (I’m not spoiled, I’m just poor!)
28.) Live in Duluth after I sell my first book
29.) Somehow play Stairway to Heaven at my wedding without it being inappropriate
30.) Spend a weekend with just my sister and me (It’s been hard to do since she has wee little ones)
31.) Take a vacation with Anthony
32.) Be in a few more plays/musicals throughout my life
33.) Take more dance lessons (possibly with Anthony)
34.) Successfully change the oil in my car by myself
35.) Learn to play a full song on the piano
36.) Travel by plane
37.) Travel by train
38.) Start a collection of vintage toys
39.) Find the Fisher Price Castle!!!
40.) Successfully cook a dinner for guests!


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