Great News

I went in for a job interview today.  I sent the application in Saturday, got the call about 10:30am today, interview at 2:00pm, and received a job offer at 2:20!  The company is called Marketing Concepts.  I’ll be working in the call center, taking orders.  The man who hired me said that I’ll be working the call center.  He also said they are always looking for content writers and I have an excellent chance for a promotion!  I’ll be starting Monday.  I will also be QUITING McDONALDS!

Although I find great joy in leaving this job, I should try and end it on happy note.  I’ll make a small list of what I will miss (not significant enough to make me stay):

  1. The small kiddie cones.
  2. The guy who orders a Carmel Frappe everyday.
  3. Playing with the extra happy meal toys lying around.
  4. The free small pops on my break.
  5. $.50 cheeseburgers on my break.
  6. Occasionally seeing people from FOOTLOOSE come through the drive through.
  7. The man who ordered a “full-figured” Coke.
  8. The man and his wife who order Two egg McMuffins, a Hashbrown, two coffes, and a glass of water every day.
  9. The cute dogs going for a ride through the drive through (with their owners 😛 )
  10. Making coffee….don’t ask.

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