Fresh College Graduate

May 7th, 2010, I graduated from Bemidji State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Professional Writing.  It was a pretty surreal day to me, and now I’m giddy about my future…

….now if I could only figure out what it was going to be….




The job hunt is on!  I’m applying for anything I remotely qualify for, but I wish I would have been better prepared.  Here’s what I have found out through my current job hunting:

If you search ‘writer’ in a general job search, you WILL get a ton of job openings for technical writing.  These jobs pay pretty well, but they sometimes require a ridiculous amount of experience.  For example, this is a job opening out of Chicago, IL:

Technical Writer

  • Minimum of 5 years technical writing experience and 1 year business/system analysis experience preferred.
  • FIX Protocol, Adobe FrameMaker, Visio experience
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Working knowledge of system design, architecture, and application programming/analysis of understanding of software development life cycle
  • Knowledge of and experience with financial markets (especially derivatives) preferred.
  • Ability to work well with others in a fast-paced, deadline driven environment.
  • Java familiarity, Wiki knowledge, and ClearCase or document archiving tool experience preferred.

I find this a little devastating, since I have trouble conjuring up technical writing experience.  However, whilst lining up for graduation, another writing major told me how she was planning to go to tech school after graduation.  Perks include more time before paying off loans, working full time to pay off the principle amount of your loans, and (da da-da DAH) experience! 
I haven’t done hard-core research into this, but it’s in the realm of possibility if I cannot find a job right away.

ALSO: delaying grad school (if you chose to go) might not be a bad idea.  You might find a job that will pay for you to further your education.

There are idiot companies that will get your hopes up, only to disappoint you in the end.  Before applying for a job that may seem so unbelievable, DO THE RESEARCH!

Clues it may be a scam (from personal research):
1.  You only recieve an email about a job offer rather than a phone call.
2.  When you google the company name, the word SCAM pops up (obviously)
3. Vague job descriptions.
For more information regarding job scams, check out

Be careful about job-search websites you sign up on., and occasionally suggestobs to me that are quite obviously scams.  It makes job hunting hard, but keep your common sense sharp and you can avoid a problem.

You must activilly search!  You can’t just sit around and expect a great job to hop into your lap like a little dog.  Be sure to check listings as often as possible, and do register with job search websites.  Often, they will send you daily updates about job openings your field.  Here are some websites you can register with:
MN based:


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