Rejection and time crunch

I received my second rejection email.  Again, it was a position I felt more than qualified for.  I shouldn’t feel devastated since rejection is to be expected, but I do.  There is just something about a letter telling you you’re unqualified for something you spent four years studying for.  The job hunt will still continue for me, but now I’m wondering what I’m going to do.  I’m starting to worry that I wasted the last four years.
And my week was going so well…

Rivers Meeting = Crunch time.  The proofs must be sent back by tomorrow if we expect to get the books back in time for the reception.  Also, they (being an official on campus) decided to move us out of the room we booked a month ago.  Their solution for uprooting us: placing us in a room twice as small as the regular location.  I still have to hound someone about that.  Why must this be so complicated?  And what ever happened to “I was here first!”?  In the midst of frustration, I must maintain a business-friendly composure.  Maybe I need to tweak my resume to include that as one of my positive traits: maintaining composure under stress.


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