Jobs. Writing. Less than a month and I’m older than dirt.

Well not exactly.  I’ll be 22 April 18th, but I feel older than dirt.   Just a thought to kick-start the day.

I’ve pulled my writing from the back burner and have it simmering in view.  I’ve taken up poetry once again in my free time, since I found my poetry notebook.  I’m also hard at work with my novel.  I don’t plan to finish it before the end of the school year (thank GOD) but I have a decent start.  Maybe I can work on publishing it once I have a job.

I’m still applying for jobs, but at a slow rate.  I received a formal rejection, which was better than nothing.  Another job I applied for didn’t even bother to do that.  So now I’m expanding beyond publishing house positions and seeking something slightly above grunt work.  I do adore desk work, so that’s an acceptable place for me to start.  ATTENTION PUBLISHING HOUSES IN THE TWIN CITIES:  I SERIOUSLY DO NOT MIND DESK WORK!!

Rivers Meeting continues to progress.  My goal is to finish putting it together and sending it off to the publishers by the end of the week.


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