Grad Plans Approved! Applying for Jobs and Internships

I received a letter in the mail earlier this week that my Grad Plans were approved, and I can graduate from Bemidij State University in the spring (assuming I fail no classes *nervous face*)

My resumé has been tweaked, the letters of recommendation have been requested, and I am well on my way in this job-seeking process!  Right now, it’s pretty exciting.  I mean, I’m collaborating all of my achievements and goals into this tasks, and it feels so good to look back and see what you have done.

I had a problem trying to think of personality traits while requesting my letters.  I went in search of websites that would give lists to kind of jog my brain a bit.  I found two:

I found them to be very helpful.

I am very nervous about this process, but I’ve planned it in the back of my head for at least the past two years.  My big plan was to move to the Twin Cities (Minneapolis, St. Paul MN) to find a job.  I already knew then, too, that I would need to pick up side jobs to cover bills, rent, etc.  Man, I haven’t even started looking at apartments!  Well, I do suppose the job must come first, and then the apartment.

There is so much to look forward to in the next six months.


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