MLA 101 up and running, + Senior Project Blues

I updated MLA 101, but I’ve noticed that the format is a little funny on the final page.  I’ll continue to tweak that until I find a format that works.  If there are any errors you note, please email me at .  I was finally promted to work on this page when I noticed a surge in people visiting that page.  That was exciting to see.

I’ve been working on my novel as part of my senior project, as stated before.  Though I just started working on this as my senior project last semester, I have worked on this novel for close to a year.  Since then, it has been revamped so many times, and I haven’t even made it to chapter three.  I enjoy the editing process, which is why I want to get into editing after college.  I’m a little disappointed in myself.  I had so many ideas pumped into this novel, and now I have to cut some pieces out, get rid of some characters or plot elements.  It brings me down, but I seek solace in the idea I’m making this novel better.
I’m in a Young Adult Lit class this semester, which has been really good for me on my senior project.  The class is taught with education majors in mind, but the professor (also my S.P. advisor) also discusses elements of young adult novels while explaining how to properly teach the material.  For example, we recently read the novel ‘Speak’ and discussed how this book shines a light on a topic rarely discussed (rape) while, at the same time, people who haven’t been raped can connect with Melinda’s character.  Sorry if I just spoiled the book for you.


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