Confessions of the Editor-In-Chief

I was appointed the new Editor in Chief for Rivers Meeting, Bemidji State University’s student-run literary anthology.  This happened about mid semester last year, and now I’m feeling a little worried.  I mean, I’m trying to accept all of the challenges because I know this is good for me.  Most of the hard work is take care of: Finding a designer, finding a publisher, budgeting, etc.  The hardest work: FINDING SUBMISSIONS!  Well, I guess the work isn’t so terribly hard.  I’ve been posting facebook notices about the upcoming deadline, and posters will be going up fairly soon about it.  In the end, how affective will this print/interactive advertising be?
I’m also working on word-of-mouth advertising.  It seems to work out the best.  Most of the folks I’ve talked to about submitting have done so.  I’ll have to just keep up the work and pray for the best.
Instead of always exclaiming how hard this is, I’m doing what I can and seeking help when available.  Wish me luck.


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