Christmas Break in the Sticks

The semester is over.  My publishing class ended, but there is still work to be done in the following semester.  The fun stuff is mostly on tap like the receptions and readings.  The intensive part of Rivers Meeting (the BSU anthology) begins next semester.

So what are my plans over break?  I’m home for a month.  In relation to my writing, I have the following:

Organize Rivers Meeting binders
Work on novel
Write short story for hometown collection of stories
Write an essay for a contest called My BSU Moment

I’m 95% ready to graduate next semester.  I turned in my grad plans just before I left, which still need to be approved.  The process seems silly, but it’s nice to have someone double check your progress to make sure nothing’s missing.

People keep asking me how I feel about graduation.  The truth is, I’m not really worried about the job market.  It may be difficult for me to find a job after graduation, but I’m so excited to graduate and move on to the next adventure!  I’m still in contact with a couple of publishing houses, and I’m working on networking.  We’ll see how far it takes me.  Wish me luck.


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