MLA Changes as of April 2009

I have this listed under my blogroll, but I wanted to address it as a blog.  A professor of mine is being extremely anal about MLA format for our papers that are due tomorrow.  This scares me!  He knows all the NEW guidelines, and he joked about having us include them (I don’t think he was joking!) Well anyways, here they are:

  • Underlining is no longer recommended to represent italics. Use italics instead.
  • I heard a rumor that people underlined titles when we still used typewriters.  Now that we have the gift of Microsoft Office, Bring on the Italics.

  • Within the list of works cited, all entries must be identified by medium: Print, Web, DVD, CD-ROM, PDF file, and so on. List the appropriate medium(s) at the end of each entry. In the case of a Web source, the date of access follows the word “Web.”
  • Hmm, I kind of like this.  It saves on confusion when all the information isn’t present on, for example, a website like the date created and the name of the creater.

  • Online sources no longer require a URL listing. (Exception: If the writer judges that a reader will be unable to locate the source otherwise, a URL may be included as previously.)
  • Wait, really?  Wow! 

  • All journal entries should list both volume and issue number, to aid in locating them once archived.
  • Ummm… I feel like I’ve been doing this since I started college in 2006.


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