Writing Reviews

I’ve found that I really enjoy writing reviews.  I don’t review anything important for anything important; I mostly do it for fun.  I wrote a review way back last semester for a blog I kept for another class (click here to read).  It probably isn’t the greatest, but it’s still something I enjoy.

I’m not sure how my summer after graduation is going to go.  I have no intentions of going to Grad School, at least right away. I have my personal reasons, so feel free to ask me personally if you know me and are curious.  I’ve been in contact with publishing houses and religiously checking their websites for job openings and internships.  All internships, as of right now, are unpaid.  I’m really hoping to stay in the MN area, so that might be killing me too.  Well anyways, if I end up getting an unpaid internship, perhaps there’s some money for to be made doing some freelancing.  I do realize that we discussed in class how little money this actually makes.  It’s only one idea out of maybe 17 (estimation) I have in mind my first few months out of college.  I have six months to tuck money away before college loans slap me in the face.


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