Another Email!

I read online via Facebook that Milkweed Press has internship possibilities coming up in the spring. I sent the following email:

my name is Alyssa Hanson. I’m currently a Senior at Bemidji State University. I have been following Milkweed Press via Twitter and Facebook and recently read about the Spring Internship deadline coming up. I’m interested in applying, but since I’m graduating this coming Spring (2010) I wonder if I qualify as a candidate. My previous summer job I kept throughout college prevented me from applying for an internship up until now, but I’ve been gaining editorial experience through my publishing classes I’m taking at Bemidji State. Could I still apply, as a graduate, for your press’ available internships? I hope to hear back from you soon. Thank you for your time.

Of course, I misread this at first. They do have summer internships, which was of my interest. However, I said spring instead. Anyways, here’s the reply I got this morning:

Hi Alyssa,

Thank you for your interest in interning at Milkweed Editions. Our interns must be available to spend 24 hours each week in our Minneapolis office (M-F during 9-5 business hours). If that will work for you this spring, please do apply for an internship with us now. The spring application deadline is December 1. If it would be easier for you to intern with us after graduating from Bemidji State, please consider applying for one of our summer internships, which run from mid-May to early September (start date is flexible). The summer application deadline is April 1, 2010. Please let me know if you have any other questions!


Jennifer Harmening
Marketing & Sales Associate
Intern Coordinator

Another personlized email! I’m loving the sounds of this business. They seem interested in me enough to send personalized emails. Granted, they aren’t laced with love notes or well wishes for my parents, but I do appreciate the time they take to write them out.


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One response to “Another Email!

  1. firstdrafty

    This is a fantastic response.
    Since they only require 24 hours a week, you would have time to get a part-time paying job. If you could get something that would allow you to work on the weekends, I think you could put together a schedule that would work for you.
    You CAN do this, and it sounds really exciting.

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