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 I’ve been using this book to do prewrites in a class, but the truth is that I haven’t read the last two or three chapters.  It’s a splendid book, I really do enjoy it, but I can’t finish.  Maybe I’m reluctant to see the adventure end so soon.

The chapters in this book go back and forth between the point of view of Lisa, a forty year old woman working as a writer for the TV show You Go, Girl! and Grant, a forty to fifty year old rock star who has lived past his glory days.  The chapters not only go on about their lives, but include emails they exchange with one another.  It’s really cool to read this because you get sucked up into this world of entertainment that you may never be apart of.  The adventure is great, but you do see the disadvantages of living in the fast lane. 

This book was recommended to me by my Professor.  As stated in previous entries, I’m working on a chapter book for my Senior Project.  She suggested this book to me after reading the first few paragraphs, saying that the style of my writing is similar to this book.
It’s an excellent read!  What’s cool is it’s mostly written in present tense, sucking me in even more.  Usually, the present tense bugs me, but I can see past it for this story.  Similar to my writing style, the story plays out as the main character, Melinda (?), describes the people around her and what is happening to them.  I enjoy character development throughout a piece, and this definitely does this.

There is actually another cover for this novel that I love, but I couldn’t find an image big enough to display on here.  It’s a blue cover that looks like a rusted locker.  Anyways, I discovered this book in high school (I don’t think I was in 10th grade at the time, 11th maybe).  It was the first high school book I stumbled upon where the main character was male. The story is written by a fictional character named Jeremy who is recounting his tenth grade year.  It very much appears that this is being written by a tenth grader, for grammatical errors and tense changes are abundant.  However, this seems to add to the voice.  He comes off as a typical boy.  He’s not artistic really, but a boy trying to tell a story.  I recently ordered this, and eagerly await its arrival!!


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  1. firstdrafty

    Thanks for posting about this book. I’m going to look for it.

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