Literary Agents as eye candy or grandparents: my own misconception









I was told a while ago by a professor that Literary Agents are typically in the publishing business for a while before they became an Agent.  What I took away from this was that all Agents were old farts with a tweed jacket and a pipe.  As I researched Agents a bit more, I discovered something: they were quite young sometimes!  My Academic Advisor gave me a magazine with Agent articles in it.  The pictures of the interviewed agents contained youthful people smiling brightly on the cover.  Just today I stumbled across a blog by an Agent

 Nathan Bransford

and he was quite handsome too.
Now that I’ve gone off on a vain little rant, I will try to explain my findings.  I took comfort that being a Literary Agent wasn’t a goal that was far off.  Of course, I will have to experience the world of publishing outside the college classroom, but I won’t be near retirement when I move on to being an Agent.  For now, I will work hard getting into the industry and seeing how far I can go in that world.

I’m excited about my future.


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One response to “Literary Agents as eye candy or grandparents: my own misconception

  1. firstdrafty

    I’m glad you discovered that agents aren’t all old farts! Rather than the number of years agents have in the publishing industry, it might be interesting to look at the work experiences they had before becoming agents. Let us know what you find out.

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