Mix-Up and all-about forgotten

I spaced about my submission yesterday.  I was ready to get it prepared and sent off, but I completely blanked.  I remembered last minute I had a midterm today that I didn’t study for, and I ended up dying my hair… yes, not as important, but I do look cute today.

I’m trying to think of ways to keep me on task.  Here’s what I have so far:

Agenda book: haven’t updated it in weeks
Whiteboard calendar: updated more often than the agenda book
Post-it notes: my life would be incomplete without them
Dilligent reminders: If I’m laying around with nothing to do, I literally ask myself ‘How can I improve my writing right now?’  Sadly, I end up taking a nap sometimes, believing that I need a clear rested mind to answer that question

More drastic measures:
Extreme fasting at the realization of not submitting
Tattooing reminders to my arm
Updated calendar printed on my eye glasses so they are always in my line a sight


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One response to “Mix-Up and all-about forgotten

  1. firstdrafty

    I sometimes tell people to try doing things in short spurts. Sometimes it’s hard to get the energy or will to spend half an hour doing something, but if you focus for two minutes, or five minutes, it can sometimes bring about a little insight or a small accomplishment. You know — do the smallest amount possible.

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